Cacao Gin liqueur / Cacao Rum liqueur


There is a choice of two Chocao cacao liqueurs, one is Gin based and the other is a Rum based version. Both are distilled cacao liqueur infused with Peruvian Gran Yapatera cacao nibs and husks.

They are ethically sourced, single origin and vegan, best served neat or over ice as an after-dinner drink to help round off your evening.

Whilst 26% ABV. it is very smooth on the palate and makes for a true alternative to other after-dinner brands, delivering a lovely chocolate taste that will get people talking.

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Whilst the majority of the bottles we distil find their way to restaurants across the country, we do have a limited number of bottles that we sell direct to the public.

Each batch we distill we keep 30 bottles aside to sell on a first come first served basis.

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Currently we only deliver in the UK.
We offer free delivery.

Our Story


A Gin Maker, a chocolatier and a food consultant walk into a bar…

Born out of a creative collaboration, Chocao is the result of when a Gin Maker, award winning chocolatier and a food and drink marketing specialist put their heads together. The result we think is something pretty special and unique but we would say that, the ‘proof is in the pudding’ so to speak, so we will leave the drink to do the talking for us.

Our Chocolate


Chocao is infused with ultra premium Peruvian cacao nibs and husks. The beans are sourced through our friend Luis Mancini, who has built direct relationships between small cacao farmers in Northern Peru and artisan chocolate makers in Europe.

The beans we use are directly traceable to the rural community where they were grown. The variety we’ve chosen is organic Gran Yapatera, a relatively new hybrid from the District of Chulucanas in Piura, with sweet fruity and floral notes.

We buy via direct trade rather than Fairtrade, ensuring that there is no child slavery in the production process. This model is not only better for the environment than large- scale commercial operations, but better for the long-term economic wellbeing of the smallholder cacao farmers. When it arrives in the UK, the way we process the cacao means that Chocao is vegan-friendly.

Ethically sourced

Single Origin

Best served neat over ice

Ideal after dinner drink

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Please email with any request that you might have regarding Chocao.

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If you are interested in stocking Chocao at your restaurant, bar or venue then please email Daren at

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